“Sometimes you have to change the perspective to see the sky.”

Unknown author


We always have the choice of doing the right thing: right thinking and actions at work and in private life. It is possible to combine personal interests with responsible and ethical actions, as well as loyalty to the company and colleagues. But sometimes we don’t see the wood for the trees.

If you suffer from time pressure, a multitude of projects of similar priority, as well as colleagues and superiors who make demands on you – then you can really feel pressed to the wall and constricted. It may then be helpful to change the perspective. This may give you new ways of seeing things and therefore new options, like a fox’s den with many different exits.

This is exactly where systemic-integrative coaching starts:

It is important to lead a concordant life, and to be aware of your own values, your own identity and where you belong. Coaching can help you to draw your attention away from the problems and towards the objectives. As coach, I can help you to find your resources that you need to change your situation or to reach your goal.

On the basis of my experience as team leader and as employee in sales, marketing and customer service in the pharmaceutical industry, I can mediate in conflicts between departments or employees. In this way, I can ensure that the working atmosphere is efficient.


To have a choice means that you have different possible ways to approach a topic. If you are able to act like this, you can keep the situation under control. All you need for flexible behaviour is long within you. I can help you to discover this. The more options you allow yourself, the more successful you will be.

Actually, we know full well what the right decision or right pathway is. This is a gut feeling. But we often act differently, although we feel deep within us that this is not the right way for us. We gain freedom when we do what is consistent with our own values.

I offer the following forms of coaching:

Individual coaching for managers, employees and private persons

Team- and conflict coaching for teams, consisting of either manager and employees or colleagues from different or the same hierarchical levels 

Provocative Coaching – a “provocative” procedure as a way to renew the resources in development work


I had the choice of two alternatives for my professional reorientation.

I used coaching with Bettina Fuchs to identify my most important motives. We then specified the next steps and fixed a timetable. When I look at my results today, I am amazed at how many of my sub goals I have already reached. I think that the reason is that I now know what I want, which makes it easier for me to concentrate on my objective.

Jochen Hein

Project Manager BHF-BANK AG

It is really astonishing how rapidly, precisely and specifically Ms. Fuchs recognized my core problems. As other experts had not achieved this, our first sessions really amazed me. Although she respected private matters as much as possible, the suggested solutions were very specifically designed for my personal situation. This gave rise to a very trusting relationship, which was also influenced by the consistently visible and clear structure of the procedure, as well as the consistently perceptible and very extensive professional qualification. The results are easy to understand, even for a layman like me, and this helped me to see my current situation differently. It was only a few hours, but they changed a great deal and will continue to influence my decisions.

Many thanks for this.

Michael Rüth